Bio: When I was 12, my mother was sentenced to 16 years in prison. It'll be 12 years on August 4th 2016. So now, I write it out.

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4 thoughts on “About

    1. Haha well yeah but we both know saying what you actually mean is saying too much these days. I can’t tell if that was a semi-backhanded compliment or if I should actually be welling up with pride. Ha, it’s just ramblings of a silly soul with a fancy font. I’m not articulate face to face? Come on now, what does that mean?

      1. Perhaps articulate wasn’t the best word, per se. It’s just I feel like I understand you better through your written words than through your vocal ones. I find it easier to appreciate the serenity and depth of your thoughts via your writing skills. They paint you entirely differently, a more complete version of you. One that would typically require hours of interaction for me to even have a clue to your real state of mind. This makes it easy. I like this version of you more anyway. More interesting to talk to.

      2. I like this version of me more too.

        I was really nervous once I realized you were actually going to see it but then after you commented, the strangest thing happened. I felt weirdly happy that I’d shared it. Once I read some of yours the same thing happened, you became infinitely more dynamic and far more complete. What a wonderfully unexpected joy!

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